Kids & Chiropractic Care

Childhood injuries can be the source for many problems contributing to pain in our adult clients. Clients of chiropractic are aware of the benefits of their treatment, but many do not know of all the benefits it can have for their children.

26% of children surveyed at school acknowledge suffering from back pain. The first stress ever placed on a person’s spinal column occurs during the birthing process. While learning to walk, the spine of a child is subject to repeated amounts of stress. Throughout their youth, children are subject to a multitude of mishaps, postural strains, and sports injuries. All of these factors make it beneficial for children to receive chiropractic at their young age, preventing any injuries from becoming a bigger problem in their future.

Chiropractic care can also help treat many common illness suffered by children such as headaches, ear infections, colic, scoliosis, asthma, bedwetting, and can even help improve behavioral problems (such s ADD). A recent study showed that children fewer children suffered from ear infections who received chiropractic care than those who received medical care alone.

Many parents wonder if chiropractic care is safe for tier children. the answer is: YES! Children have a skeletal system that is still developing, allowing for an abundance of elasticity in their joints. Typically only a minimal amount of pressure is needed to realign their spine and joints.

These chiropractic checkups will spare your child from a multitude of possible future spinal problems.

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