Pediatric Chiropractic

Why Children Need Chiropractic Care?

Pediatric chiropractic services can pave the way for and give your children a foundation of health that lasts into adulthood. A child that regularly receives chiropractic treatments has been shown to have less back and spinal problems as an adult. Beyond reducing pain and discomfort, pediatric chiropractic care can also help alleviate other health problems common in children, such as asthma, ear aches and infections, and even ADD. Some children even see improvement in sleeping habits, allergies, bed wetting, and improved functioning of the immune system.

Beginning at birth, stress is placed on a child’s spine and back, and stress continues to occur throughout a child’s everyday normal activities. Crawling and learning to walk, carrying a backpack, postural issues developed at school, accidents, and sport injuries are all activities that impact the health of a child’s spine, and if left untreated can cause them problems that follow them into their adult lives.

Are Pediatric Chiropractic Treatments Safe?

Many parents have hesitation and concerns about the safety of chiropractic treatments for their child. Since children have a skeletal system that is still developing, their joints are more flexible and elastic, meaning little pressure is required to manipulate and realign their spine and joints. Additionally, pediatric chiropractic care is becoming a popular alternative to drug therapy and surgery for many parents who are seeking a safer, more natural course of treatment. Chiropractic treatments are a safe, gentle, and natural alternative for many common childhood aliments from scoliosis to the everyday ear ache. Studies have shown that chiropractic care is both a safe and effective from of treatment for children of all ages.

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