More Than Just A “Back Crack”

Author: Dr. Ashley Nelson

Chiropractic Physician at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana 46307

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If you would ask many of the average individuals out there what chiropractic is, they would respond with an answer similar to something like this “It’s where I go to get my back cracked.”  Most would say “It feels great! I feel incredible when I leave”, but most would also not understand the unbelievable benefits receiving a chiropractic adjustment has on the body and ultimately your health.

First of all, what exactly is the “cracking” sound when you get adjusted?  The popping and crunching is nothing more than just air and gas escaping from joint spaces that it was entrapped in.  When the joint is stimulated with a high velocity adjustment, this popping sound will often be the consequence of the adjustment.  You do not necessarily need to hear a “crack” to indicate the joint has been adjusted properly.  Some techniques, such as activator, will not produce the “cracking sound”, however, the joint has been stimulated correctly in these techniques; it’s just a lower force technique.  There is so much more to a chiropractic adjustment than a quick twist and pop of the joint.  These movements of the joint are precise and specific to the area that is subluxated (displaced joint or locked into the incorrect position).  Not only that, the subluxated joint is affecting you individually more than just causing you pain.  When the joints are not properly aligned in a neutral position, the spine and body is unable to heal properly which in turn results in major problems for not only the nervous system that is being compromised, but also all the supportive tissues that are intended to be fueled by the nerve root that is being irritated or compromised.  It is no surprise chiropractic patients can find healing in more than just their standard neck or back pain by getting regular chiropractic treatments.  The list of ailments I treat in my office in Crown Point, Indiana ranges from all of the following:

  1. Sciatica
  2. Arthritis
  3. Headaches
  4. Plantar Fascitis
  5. Degenerative Disc Disease
  6. Neuropathy
  7. Digestive issues such as GERD or Acid Reflus
  8. Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia
  9. Ear infections
  10. Strain and Sprains of ligaments and muscles
  11. Scoliosis
  12. Sinus Congestion
  13. Colic in babies

At Optimal Chiropractic, we look at the whole person and the whole picture.  You are more than just back pain.  Let us help you take control of your health through chiropractic, functional therapy, massage therapy, and nutritional services.  Contact our office at 219-661-8680 or stop in our Crown Point, Indiana location at 11400 Broadway to talk to our doctor of staff about how we can help you!   As always, check out for more information about our services and specials!