Why Should You Seek Medical Care After A Car Accident

Author: Dr. Ashley Nelson

Doctor of Chiropractic at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana 46307

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How many of you have been in an accident and thought to yourself, “Oh, the car isn’t thhaaatt damaged so I’m sure I’m okay” Or “I really do not feel terrible right now, just a little shook up from the accident.”  However, the next day comes or next week comes and you literally feel like you had been hit by a train.  “Is it too late by now?  Will this pain subside?  I’ll just call off from work a few days and hopefully it will go away.”  There are many reasons to seek medical attention after a vehicle accident.  The first reason is that it’s essential to be professionally evaluated to ensure you are aware of the full extent of any injuries you may have.  The second reason is that if you are pursuing a legal claim, it is a necessity to have medical documentation and a medical evaluation performed in a timely manner to make this claim case improve in validity.  You can have a medical evaluation done anywhere:  walk in clinic, hospital, chiropractic or physical therapy clinic, or the Emergency Room.  The most important thing is that you have it done.  Once the evaluation is complete, it is up to you if you want to continue to treat the pain, symptoms, and injuries with either pharmacological means or rehabilitative therapy (or both co-managed).  The truth is that medication may ease pain intensity or muscle spasming; however, it is never going to get to the root of the injury to correct it.  This is when seeking a good chiropractic clinic that understands car accident injuries is essential.  Clinics, like Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana will work with accident victims by combining both chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy modalities, exercise rehabilitation plans, massage therapy specific for musculoskeletal injury, and nutritional support to help restore the body to pre-injury state.


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