“FORE” Ways Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Golf Game

Author: Dr. Ashley Nelson, DC

Chiropractic Physician at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana 46307



Did you have a bad day on the golf course? Or maybe your golf game has been suffering all week? Month?  Since day one of the season?  So what gives?  You are probably just getting old, worn down, and losing your abilities to keep up with the young bucks… Right?  Keep thinking.  It’s very possible your reduced success in the sport is due to the alignment in your spine!
Did you know that most amateur golfers swing their clubs at 75-95 mph?!  This twisting, torqueing motion at such a high velocity can take a toll on your body.  The sport is not considered high intensity, until the golfer realizes they are swing this velocity over 100 times/ game!   The #1 way chiropractors can help golfers is specifically with their swing.
  1. An average male swing recruits 30 pounds of muscle, utilizing every joint in the body to produce 2,000 pounds of force in less than ¼ of a second!  No wonder your swing is making you have back pain!  More than 80% of golfers experience back pain.  How do you think your swing is going to be if you are in pain?  Chiropractic care will help golfer achieve better biomechanics, posture, and muscle balance in order to increase stability and flexibility during their stroke.
  2. Strengthen your posture. Forward head carriage (protruding your head out in front of the your central gravity) is a huge issue for golfers.  How are you going to swing at high speeds when your slouching?  Poor posture causes all the compressive forces to load on a few joints in the body rather than equalizing the loads evenly.  This is equates to chronic, game debilitating injuries. Ask your Crown Point Chiropractor how you adjust your posture to maintain more balance during your swing.
  3. Increase range of motion. Wouldn’t it be nice if your body flowed evenly through you swing because there are no scar tissue or adhesions developed in the muscle and tendons?  Do you feel like you get a “catch” during your swing?  You probably have fascia adhesions! Ask Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point how Graston Myofascial Release or Active Release Technique could help reduce and eliminate these adhesions to help perfect your golf game. Massage therapy may also become your athletic best friend when it comes to recovering from golf games.  Ask your Crown Point Chiropractor and Massage therapists about our massage specials and sport-specific massage.
  4. Enhance your sport with increased spinal flexibility. Your sport is specific and so should your exercises and training.  You want to know the quickest way to add velocity to your swing… have a more flexible spine!  It’s like a rubber band, the further you pull it backwards, the further it will shoot.   Chiropractic adjustments put the body in a full range of motion to open the pathway to greater flexibility.  Your Joints will be less stiff as a result, and a fully loaded golf swing will be more attainable.
Remember 80% of golfers have back, shoulder, wrist, knee, or pelvis pain.  That means if you are golf with 5 people, then 4 of you are probably experiencing pain!  Don’t you want to be the one person that isn’t hurting?  Call Optimal Chiropractic today in Crown Point at 219-661-8680 and see how we can help your golf game.  Don’t’ forget to check our website at www.crownpointchiro.com and facebook page for Optimal Updates and Specials!

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