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“It has ZERO calories! WHY CAN’T I HAVE IT in Ideal Protein?”  This is the question of a lifetime from most of my dieters at Crown Point Ideal Protein Center: Optimal Chiropractic.  I am going to answer with one short word: Aspartame.

So what is aspartame?  Aspartame is the most popular artificial sweetener that there is today; being added in things such as Diet Coke, nutrasweet, light yogurt.  Not only is it toxic to the body (Me speaking from a Doctor stance); but aspartame is actually 200x sweeter than sugar!

“So what’s wrong with that?”  Well first of all, it tricks your brain.  When your brain senses the “sweet” taste, it is tricked in to thinking it is still hungry; therefore, this triggers your hypothalamus to release enzymes and insulin which in turn triggers your “hunger” mechanism making individuals want to eat more!  Studies show that waistlines of people who drink diet soda actually increased by 70% over a period of 8 years!!! WOW!!

Other diet soda culprits:

  1. Phosphoric acid: This leads to elevated calcium excretion in the body.  What does this mean for your body?  Your body is going to pull calcium out of your bones in order to maintain a steady calcium level in the body: Can you say accelerated rate of osteoporosis?  Diet Coach and Crown Point Chiropractor, Dr. Ashley Nelson is not for that at all!
  2. Sucralose: This sugar alcohol will bloat you (which is not comfortable for you).  But these “carb free” sweeteners actually digest in to exactly what you are trying to stay away from- Carbs.  Don’t let them fool you, and don’t let it halt your weight loss progress!

Call Optimal Chiropractic, your Crown Point Chiropractic & Weight Loss Center if you are ever unsure about what you are consuming.  We pride ourselves in helping you reach all your weight loss goals!

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