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Meet Your New Crown Point Chiropractor, Dr. Ashley Nelson!

Dr. Nelson is a 2014 graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. After receiving her degree, she relocated to the Indiana area with the ultimate goal of sharing her love and passion of health and chiropractic wellness to the region. Dr. Nelson has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, general health & wellness, pregnancy & pediatric health, and sports injuries & prevention due to her extensive background and personal experiences in the health field and life. These experiences have enabled this Crown Point Chiropractor to be at the forefront of expertise in the chiropractic field, with goals of continual progression and always enhancing her education and research.

Dr. Nelson believes true optimal health and healing can only be reached through rehabilitative and preventative chiropractic care, essential nutrition, physical activity, and toxicity reduction. Her primary focus is to help her patients heal, recover, and overcome pain, and she is committed to helping all her patients live healthier and pain-free for the rest of their lives. Dr. Nelson is truly the Crown Point Chiropractor you can trust with you and your family’s health. She is passionate about chiropractic care, and believes that it is a safe and natural course of treatment for both adults and children. From adjustments to non-force maneuvers, massage therapy, and sports rehab, Dr. Nelson and her talented team will work with you to develop a course of treatment that is totally customized to you and your health needs.

Optimal Chiropractic prides itself on helping clients from the first initial consultant until the very end of their chiropractic treatment. Contact your new Crown Point Chiropractor today at (219) 661-8680 to schedule an appointment, stop on by, or complete the contact form! We are here ready to help you get moving in the right direction! Enjoy our state of the art facility and discover the true wellness lifestyle! We will show you the natural way to better health.

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