So your general practitioner told you that you have arthritis, huh? Well… that’s a shame! I hear this all too often: “I was told I have arthritis and there is nothing I can do about it. I was told I have degenerative disc disease and I am now doomed for life!!” Patients come in weekly frantic and upset about these things their other doctors tell them, and usually I have a quick response which includes something like “Okay, maybe you do. So let’s do something about it.”

So what is arthritis really? It seems likes the garbage can disease slogan to me. Arthritis in my book simply means no one else wanted to take a further look in to your issue to find out the underlying problem and fix it. Therefore, they just bracketed your sore bones, joints, muscles in a blanket diagnosis called “arthritis”. The truth is, just about everyone is going to start to develop some type of arthritic condition after about age 30. It simply depends on how well we are taking care of ourselves, how quickly the arthritis or degeneration will impact the body. So if we eat like crap, never move or exercise, live in toxic environments and expose ourselves to toxins frequently (smoke, mold, etc), never get our spines adjusted for neurological compromise, and place extreme stress on your body daily then of course you are going to have bad arthritis at a young age! What can you expect when you do not treat your body like it is supposed to be.

Preventing arthritis in the first place is the key to not having it interfere with your life. There has never been a better time to make an initiative to have better health. That means pick better foods. Eat your vegetables which are anti-inflammatory and will ward arthritis off. Get to the gym, or go on a walk around the block. Maintain your proper joint alignment and motion so that extra stress is not placed on the joints of the spine and body. Chiropractors are those who are best trained to evaluate and care for this condition. Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, IN 46307 has all the necessary steps to help you decrease and eliminate severe arthritis effects. Think of arthritis like a car tire. A car in alignment gets better mileage and the tires last a much longer time, where as a car out of alignment uses extra energy and the tires wear out quickly.

Weight Management is a huge necessity in order to ward off arthritis. By losing extra weight, stress on your spine, knees and other joints is reduced. If you are out of alignment and gain weight, the misalignment will increase, thereby increasing your arthritis pain. Much like when a bent nail is hammered, it will only bend more. By decreasing your weight stress, the misalignment is reduced.

Nutrition and spine evaluations and consultations are the key to preventing and reducing arthritis symptoms. Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana has a wide range of protocols to help you get to pain free more quickly! Dr. Ashley Nelson at Optimal Chiropractic takes a very natural and holistic approach to all healthcare matters in order to get you to your pain free goals and optimal health. Call us today at 219-661-8680 at our Crown Point, Indiana office to speak with the team about your arthritis and disc degeneration concerns. Log on to to check out all the new patient specials we have now.

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