Trigger Point Release to Improve Mobility and Performance

Author: Dr. Ashley Nelson D.C.- Chiropractic Physician at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana 46307

What do you know about trigger points?  Most people have heard the term before, but know them as nothing but pressure points that hurt a whole lot when you push on it.  Sure, they can be painful, but they also severely reduce your mobility.  If you want to prevent injury during sports or physical activities, it is essential to conquer the trigger points.  Calves, upper back, shoulders, chest, gluteal, and hip flexors are the most common culprits of trigger points.

So what are some good way to get rid of trigger points?  Well first of all, the obvious which is “Massage”.  I recommended people getting at least 1 massage for month for their physical and mental health.  This is why we offer the Massage club option at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point.  Being a part of the massage club ensures patients do not forget about their musculoskeletal health by giving them 1 massage/month.  I also always recommended using a foam roller, massaging ball, or tennis ball to relieve trigger points in the joints.  To use these things, place the roller in between your muscle and the floor-rolling slowly over the musculature.  If you roll over a sore spot; stop, and hold the pressure there for about 30 seconds to release the knot in the muscle.  “Rolling out” muscle can be uncomfortable and cause pain initially; however, consistency is key (just like everything else in life) and rolling over the muscle can definitely effectively help release muscles that are out of whack.

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Top Areas for Trigger Point Release

Calves (Gastrocnemius): The calves have an extreme amount of trigger points, especially if you wear heels or are an active runner.

Psoas Muscle & Iliotibial Bands:  Do you feel like you have tight hips?  Can you squat down without pain?  Hip tightness is one of the most common factors contributing to Low back pain.

Glutes:  glutes develop trigger point when individuals over train of have a weak abdominal wall.

Upper Back and Neck:  Due to excessive technology use, these muscle can feel like a cement wall if a person doesn’t continually work on the trigger points to release the muscle.


Stop in to Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, IN and speak to Dr. Nelson or one of the massage therapist about how to properly roll muscles out for effective trigger point management.  Check out or to see everything new going on in the office.