It seems like in today’s world, just about everyone knows an autistic child or know someone that has an autistic child. I can remember being in school years ago, and no one even knew or had heard of autism; so why is it today that this disease is immensely prevalent and thriving in or schools? Healthcare physicians are boggled by the disease, and the most effective treatment for it. Symptoms from child to child are always different in intensity and characteristics; therefore, making underlying etiologies very difficult to pinpoint.

The triad of impairments in autistic children typically cause children to have difficult interacting with others, impairment in socializing and communication, and learning disabilities. This is a life-long developmental disability, and for anyone that knows a family with an autistic child, you know how arduous this can be on them physically, psychologically, and financially. Current reasearch favors the following diverse components to be the cause of autism:


2. Environemental

3. Neurochemical Imbalance

I am going to discuss the neurochemical imbalances; since that is most commonly what I deal with and can treat with in my office. Current allopathic management usually approaches autism with only medication as treatment. There is no cure of autism; however, medication is the usual route in order to treat specific symptoms of autism such as hyperactivity or aggression. In my office, I like to look at other causative agents of autism symptoms by analyzing the nerves, spine, and musculoskeletal system. In numerous cases of autism and chiropractic treatment, it was found that upper cervical (neck) spinal misalignments is often discovered in children with autism. This laterality of the spine typically causes cervical and nerve dysfunction, and once cleared out (with the use of chiropractic care and treatments), there is typically an extremely positive effect on autism symptoms. Case reports continually find remarkably good symptomatic relief and improvements following chiropractic adjustments in these children.

Of course chiropractic intervention with autistic children is a new type of therapy; therefore, most literature is found in the form of anecdotal case reports, rather than huge studies. Also, children of autism typically undergo many different type of medical care; consequently, pinpointing the major cause of better or worse symptoms is hard to decipher. Nevertheless, autism is a disease of a malfunctioning nerve and brain communication as well as a neurochemical imbalance; which is exactly what chiropractic treats. Therefore; It is no surprise that case studies on autism treated with chiropractic care continually produce the following effects:

1.Normalization of deep tendon reflexes and dermatomal sensation

2. Increased range of motion throughout the spine and neck

3.Reduced health problems

4.Reduced need for medications and lowered dosages

5. Increased bowel and bladder control

6. Improved speech, eye contact, and attention span.

Researchers and Authors believe that neurological interference in the cervical region truly does contribute to symptoms and diagnosis of autism by hindering the development of the child, interfering with their ability to reach their full potential. Further research must be done in the future; however, helping autistic children reach and maintain an improved level of health is a definite passion for Doctor and Staff at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana. Schedule your appointment today to see how your child or a child you know can have their lives changed forever by the power of chiropractic and hollistic healing. Call today at 219-661-8680 at our Crown Point location. Don’t forget to check out our new patient specials at

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