Is the room spinning, or is it just me?”

It’s an everyday occurrence where patients will come in to my office for a common symptom like headaches, back pain, neck pain, etc; Just to leave realizing chiropractic can treat more than what society gives us credit for. Vertigo is no exception to this case.

So you think the room is spinning? Yea, that’s probably not happening unless you are on one of those freaky circus rides. Most likely, you are suffering from vertigo or the illusion of movement, dizziness, and spinning sensations. This issues impacts a multitude of people, leaving them frustrated and angry when they cannot get the vertigo to subside. The most likely cause of it is simply a disease of the inner ear due to disturbances within the nervous system pathways. Good thing chiropractic can provide relief and ultimately treat this over a period of time!

In the upper neck, faulty motion patterns can result in misinformation about body position and movement being communicated from the joints to the brain. This type of vertigo, called “cervicogenic vertigo”, is more likely to benefit from chiropractic manipulation. Actually, there is a 90% success rate when treating this with chiropractic! The inner ear also houses the body’s balance center, also known as the vestibularcochlear system. This complex system of fluid-filled tubes lined with hair-like sensors provides information to the central nervous system about position and movement. In some individuals, debris may accumulate in the vestibulocochlear apparatus. If this debris settles on sensitive areas within the tubes, it may result in vertigo. If the source of a patient’s vertigo appears to be the inner ear, a chiropractor may assist her through a specific procedure such as the Epley Maneuver to attempt to reposition the debris to a more innocuous position.

My office also treats vertigo with massage therapy and dietary/lifestyle analysis to identify triggers of vertigo. Massage therapy is very effective to eliminating muscle tension in the neck and head region, as well as effectively reducing toxins in the body that may be causing vertigo attacks. Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point has a wonderful nutritional team that will overlook nervous system stimulators and depressors such as alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and diverse food and environment sensitivities.

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