The topic I bring up today shot through my head while at the gym this morning. I usually watch the morning news while I get in my morning sweat session, and this morning I found it very interesting that one of the topics was “Adult Diapers”. It was said that in 2020 the sales for adult diapers would increase by 50%! While some people may quickly think to themselves, “Wow! This is probably my best opportunity to invest money in the adult diaper stock market.” I of course thought of the medical reasoning behind this substantial increase in sales. Experts attribute this immense increase to female customers between the ages of 35-50 that suffer from bladder leakage. The astonishing thing is, researchers find that the increase in bladder leakage of females is not due to living to older ages; however, it is due to their overall health and lifestyle. Things like giving birth, obesity, and health diseases associated with these things are the main cause of urinary incontinence.

So,what is the relationship between urinary incontinence and chiropractic? It is commonly known that severe nerve or spinal cord pressure may cause loss of bowel and bladder control. In fact complete loss of bowel and bladder control from nerve or spinal cord pressure is an indication for emergency spinal decompression surgery. But, there is also a more subtle form of nerve pressure that may cause urinary incontinence. Ultimately, the bladder muscles are completely controlled by the nervous system, so alterations in the nerves can easily cause a leaky bladder.

Nerves and Bladder Control:

The sympathetic nerves which exit the thoracic and lumbar spine keep the bladder opening closed which stops urination. The parasympathetic nerves which exit the tailbone and upper neck allow the opening to relax which allows you to urinate. When communication is maximized between the brain and bladder through these nerves, it allows you to have full urinary control. Many things contribute to the imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves such as colds, flu, respiratory malfunction, and stress.

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