Choosing Care Options: How to Stay Well Naturally This Season
Author: Ashley Nelson- Chiropractic Physician at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, IN

It’s that time of year again that kids are staying home from school from colds and flu, parent’s are having to take sick leave after they spend all evening tossing in turning with night sweats, body aches, and congestion. It seems that we can’t even get through a holiday season without being sidelined for weeks at a time from some sort of sickness that seems to be “going around”. Did you know that you can prepare yourself to fight illness before it starts fighting you? Here are a few tips this holiday season to reduce your time spent under the weather.

1. Exercise! Do you realize how much even a half hour of exercise can help keep the flu bug away? Physical activity increases circulation while boosting the immune system.

2. Hydrate yourself. If you aren’t staying hydrated, then you aren’t flushing out those bad bugs that are making you sick. All your systems need water to function; therefore, if you aren’t hydrated then you probably aren’t functioning correctly either.

3. Rest. Stating the Christmas season is busy would be an understatement. Are you resting enough? Probably not. Your bodies hormones, immune system, and metabolism all slow down when you are not rested properly. You cannot repair your body without this.

4. Keep the sugar away! Did you know that just 1 tablespoon of sugar with suppress the immune system for 24-48 hours? You ever wonder why kids seem to get sick right after the Halloween Holiday sugar rush? Do you now better understand why adults always seem to catch a bug right around the holidays when all of a sudden they are constantly bombarded with sugar laden deserts and candies? Your immune systems are shut off. Consuming too much sugar is almost like handing bacteria and viruses a free pass invitation to come in to the body and start causing infections. With the immune system suppressed, it’s very difficult for your body to come out of the sugar coma to fight these infections once they are in.

5. Chiropractic Care for immune system boost. We all know that chiropractic care works wonders on pain relief for the spine, neck, low back, and head; however, did you know that after a chiropractic adjustment there is an immediate immune system boost? Neural dysfunction due to spinal misalignment are stressful to the body which lead to a poorly processed immune response. Study done on HIV positive patients (severely immune compromised already) showed that patients adjusted over a 6 month period showed a 46% increase in CD-4 cells (the cells responsible for your innate immune system and adaptation). Patients that were not adjusted but just changed dietary protocols only had a 7% increase in these cells. Another study done regarding the Flu pandemic of 1918 showed that of patients treated for influenza and pneumonia under both chiropractic and traditional medical care, the following results were found:

Influenza Cases Death
Under Medical Care 10,000 950
Under Chiropractic Care 10,000 25
Pneumonia Cases Death
Under Medical Care 10,000 6,400
Under Chiropractic Care 10,000 100

That’s a huge difference by just one little tweak to care. Call Optimal Chiropractic today at 219-661-8680 and see how we can help you combat the season ahead of time. We are always here to help all our wonderful Northwest Indiana community members. Stop in anytime at 11400 Broadway, Crown Point, IN 46307.