What do you know about fibromyalgia? If you are like most all people, it’s not much. I find it so strange that we are so uneducated about this chronic pain and how to treat it, while so many individuals are exceedingly affected by it. It’s almost everyday I will meet another person that has been told “you have fibromyalgia”; however, very few people are given a really effective and successful plan to eliminate fibromyalgia, let alone told what it is and what the cause of it is. The problem is that most of the medical community cannot pinpoint a particular cause for the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. Physicians are truly as stumped as you are! Which is why they tend to bundle chronic pain symptoms in an all catch term of “fibromyalgia”. Nevertheless, I am here to tell you to put that pain cream down and your OTC anti-inflammatories, because new research has finally shown us a path to reducing and eliminating fibromyalgia pain!

There have been over 1,000 papers published on fibromyalgia since 2013 when the pain really started to become a household name. Most all of these papers focused on the improvement and management of pain symptoms. In all these papers, two things remained consistent across the boards. That is the following:

  1. Exercises and resistance training successfully eased the pain of fibromyalgia
  2. Combining chiropractic care with the exercises programs not only decreased fibromyalgia due to improvements in functionality, balance, flexibility, and endurance; But it also helped people to adhere to their exercise regimens more consistently. Experimenters believe this consistency can be attributed to feeling better and having less pain with movement; therefore causing individuals with fibromyalgia to want to exercise more and receive the full benefits of a workout program.

So what does this mean to you? Get adjusted and get moving! We are here to help you conquer your chronic pain, not mask it with medication and OTC drugs. Although drugs used to be the first line of defense to ease this pain, new research finds that medications and antidepressants for the treatment of fibromyalgia actually formulated extremely variable results. Actually, in many cases pain worsened when medication use prolonged over a duration of 1 year. All the more reason to manage FM with complementary and alternative approaches! Call our office today to learn more about how we can help you manage Fibromyalgia, and get out of pain for good! (219) 661-8680

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