I really do not believe there is anything worse that being in severe pain.  I also think that anyone that says “NO ONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD EVER TAKE PAIN MEDICATION OR USE PAIN PATCHES, PILLS OR EVEN CONSIDER SUCH A THING TO EASE THEIR PAIN!!” has probably never actually been in real pain.  Do I believe in taking pain medication for every bump and bruise you may acquire? No.  However, I am not blinded by the fact that pain is devastating for many. Many times people must make decisions of going to work, spending time with their families, doing there day to day humanly responsibilities, all the while being in severe pain; consequently, sometimes an outlet to ease it is necessary.

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer all combined.  It is the most common long term disability, leading to anti-depressive or painkiller addiction.  However, research at Cleveland Clinic confirmed a new program to heal pain without medications.  The program combines alternative medicine approaches such as hynotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage, and of course chiropractic care!

Numerous studies (29 to be exact) were done on the nearly 18,000 people involved with the new medicine approaches.  To our delight, people that used chiropractic care in conjunction with exercise over the duration of 12 weeks were MORE THAN TWICE as likely to be pain free when compared to the group that only took pain medications.

Physicians reported seeing people reduce their pain, get rid of the walkers, and walk around with a substantial more positive perspective on life.

Cleveland Clinic’s drug free pain management program is the only of it’s kind in the country, and there is a waiting list of 100+ people to participate.  Nevertheless, you create your own pain free lifestyle by scheduling your chiropractic visit at Optimal Chiropractic today! As always, check out our webpage at www.crownpointchiro.com to see our updated promotions and new patient information.

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