Day in and day out, the number one complaints I hear are all related to sleep deprivation and immense stress levels. We are in a endless “GO, GO, GO” society, where we rarely make time to take a deep breath let alone take an extra hour to sleep. Not only has the hours we spend resting decreased substantially over the years, but the quality of the little sleep we are getting has also dipped below normal standards due to overwhelming stress, over stimulation of the nervous system with adrenal stimulation things like caffeine, and our endless “never-end” lifestyles. If you think these things are not ever going to build to the point where you crash; You are absolutely wrong!

I hear daily how well patients will sleep after their chiropractic adjustments. There is a great reason for this! The nervous system plays a key role to impact the quality of sleep as well as controlling stress levels to get your sleep managed and under control. The body is all about balance. So during the day, it is essential for the sympathetic nervous system to be functioning (flight of fight) so you stay awake and can have multitask and get daily activities completed. During the night, the parasympathetic nervous system is supposed to turn on to promote healing, energy restoration, and to wind down from the daily grind. Chiropractic adjustments restore this balance between the two systems in a multitude of ways; however, the most substantial is chiropractic adjustments restore the nervous communication between the brain and spinal cord when your spine is placed back in line. Your sympathetic nervous system with automatically over dominate when the spine is misaligned because it charges a signal to the brain saying “something is not right and we need to fix it now” causing your body to wind up, over stress, and keep trying to run a race constantly.

How can we promote better sleep? Get adjusted and get your room set up with ideal sleeping conditions! Turn off the electronics at least an hour prior to bedtime. Get rid of any types of lights in the room, as well as secluding yourself from light coming through windows. Decrease caffeine consumption at least 8 hours prior to bed time, to ensure the quality of sleep is better. Also perform wind down rituals that are consistent so your body knows that it is time to start turning off. Lastly, Go see your chiropractic and have you spine checked. At Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana; Dr. Ashley thinks it’s important for everyone in the Northwest Indiana region to understand how essential proper sleep is for your health. If you are not repairing correctly, you will never be as efficient and successful as your can possibly be every day. Call us at 219-661-8680 in or Crown Point location to speak with Dr. Ashley Nelson about spinal and nutritional ways to combat sleep deprivation.

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