Patients are always amazing about how much I can tell them about their health status simply by feeling down their spines. I get surprised looks and questions daily, “How did you know that, Dr. Ashley?!” The answer is simple. Your nervous system and spine controls ever aspect of your body; therefore, when the spine is misaligned, there is more pressure placed on organs of the body. This pinching on the nerves to certain organs can effect the bodies physiology immensely.

There are direct pathways from certain nerves of the spine to organ, and these pathways will determine if we are either healthy or diseased. Chiropractic adjustments that specifically target a certain nerve pathway can therefore improved disease conditions by removing the nerve interference in that pathway.

For instance, the stomach is under direct nerve control from the 6th thoracic nerve. Have you ever had nausea, butterfly stomach, indigestion, heartburn, or pain right between the shoulder blades? All these symptoms are a direct relation of the 6th thoracic vertebrae being pinched! So while you may be blaming your G.E.R.D. or indigestion on those hot dogs you consumed at the ball game, maybe you should actually be blaming your 6th thoracic vertebra for being mis-aligned. It is not surprise at all that patients that have had stomach issues for years can start enjoy those spicy or problem causing foods once again with no issues after they begin regular adjustments. This is just an example; however, every nerve in the body is directly connected to an organ or function.

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