Ideal Protein Hacks: How To Order Healthy Drinks At Starbucks

Author: Dr. Ashley Nelson
Chiropractic Physician and Owner at Optimal Chiropractic
Optimal Chiropractic Family Sports Rehab is a leader in patient centered chiropractic, rehabilitation, and nutritional holistic care in Crown Point, Indiana and the surrounding Northwest Indiana region.

It’s 7:30 am and you are, once again, lined up 8 cars deep in the Starbucks drive-thru. It’s your morning ritual, and if you are like me, you have no problem hanging out in line for 15 minutes for that scrumptious-sugar-loaded carmel machchiato to get your day rolling the right way. However, have you ever thought about how calorie and sugar dense these fancy coffee drinks are? Is that early morning sugar boost really helping you, or just setting you up for mood crash and failure by about noon? There truly is a reason why the clock rolls around to 2 pm and all of a sudden we are frantically running back to Starbucks for another sugar-bomb pick-me-up. For that very reason, I have put together a list of Starbucks drinks choices that are not just healthy for you, but also AWESOMELY DELICIOUS! You won’t even realize you are sipping on something good for you (because who wants to use a high percentage of their daily calories in their morning joe?… NO ONE!).

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1. Grande Iced Coffee with Coconut milk & 1 packet sweetener
18 calories

2. Grande Iced or Hot Skinny Vanilla Latte
 76 calories

3. Grande Iced Café Americano with either sugar free vanilla or sugar-free carmel pumps
 12 calories

4. Unsweetened Passion Tango Tea with Coconut milk & Sugar Free Vanilla
 16 calories

5. Grande Skinny Caramel Machhiato
 121 Calories

6. Shaken Unsweetened Tazo Iced Passion Tea
 0 Calories

7. Iced Green Tea
 0 Calories

8. Light Caramel Frappucino (sugar free caramel syrup)
 100 calories