I have got many questions about the Ideal Protein Weight Management program at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana.  The reason for all the questions and buzz about the diet is for the simple reasoning that IT WORKS!  People seem so accustomed to doing diet protocols that do not work or that set them up for failure by making false claims and promises, that they seem astounded when patients and clients start raving about a program that is actually successful in reaching your weight loss goals.  Being that I have spent many years in the weight management, diet, and fitness world, I feel that there is no better person to tell you why Ideal Protein at my Optimal Chiropractic clinic in Crown Point can help you lose the extra weight and keep it off for good.

Ideal Protein is like no other diet, because it actually manages weight loss through scientifically studied ways.  It is the only diet that is supported by physicians and the FDA by evidence.  The reason it works is because it uses Ketosis to increase sugar and fat utilization in the body.  Ketosis simply means that carbohydrate intake is decreased substantially in the diet, forcing the body to burn fats for it’s primary energy source, which obviously causes fats to be burned and eliminated from the body!  In weight loss terms, this means that you shred off fat easily through just diet management.  No exercise is required, and patients tend to lose between 3-6 pounds every single week they are in ketosis!  Unbelievable you think?  I have countless success stories of patients and clients to prove it’s true!  Not only were these patient able to take the weight off, but they learned how to keep it off over years due to weight management help and just better understanding their nutrition and their body.  Ideal Protein at Crown Point, Indiana offers a huge selection of over 60 different food choices that you can make into countless variations.  Variety and accountability are the keys to maintaining weight loss, and I make sure you do just that at Optimal Chiropractic.  I follow you personally through your healthy lifestyle journey to make sure you are not only taking weight off, but losing it right from where you want to: YOUR FAT STORES!  Make an appointment today at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana at 219-661-8680, and make a change to better your future health today!