Did you run out of Zyrtec… AGAIN?! It’s a never ending cycle. Every Fall season is full of the changing of the colors, pumpkin spice, and sniffles like crazy. Currently the numbers are incredible. Seasonal allergies are at an all time high, effecting almost 30% of the population and steadily increasing. Shockingly, these strong effects from such diminutive microbes such as pollen and mold are costing us an excess of 3 billion dollars each year from doctors visits, medications, and time off work! So what exactly are allergies, and how can we combat them properly?

Allergies occurs as an over exaggerated response to substances by the immune system. The immune systems sees these microorganisms that are breathed in by individuals as a harmful foreign substance, which triggers your body to fight the invader. In allergic people, the immune system with produce an antibody in response to the pollen, dust, mold, etc which ultimately causes an allergic response to eliminate the “invader”. Histamine is the key player in this response as it causes a release of fluid from tissue: AKA Runny nose, watery eyes, and chronic sneezing.

So what can you do? BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

  1. Did you know chiropractic adjustments cause a natural immune system boost? Misalignments in the spine interrupt the communication between the brain, spinal cord, and immune system; which of course therefore can compromise the bodies immunity. Upper cervical/neck misalignments are the most responsible for this type of issue.
  2. Chiropractic adjustments also have the ability to normalize and balance your histamine and cortisol levels. Why you ask? Because your adrenal glands function under the direction of your thoracic nerves. Have you ever wondered how your chiropractor knows what symptoms you are having just by where they find misalignments in your spine? “Your T9 vertebra is extremely fixated today. Have you been extremely stressed all week?” Sound familiar?
  3. Fight your histamines naturally with Standard Process Congaplex! If you know it’s the season for sneezing, start taking Congaplex before it even starts. Guess what will probably happen? It probably will not start in the first place! Congaplex is an extremely potent anti-allergy and cold remedy that naturally induces our bodies to fight off allergies, sinus issues, colds and flu before you even have a chance to get sick.

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