Written by: BrynAlyn Evorik, Health Coach

“All disease begins in the gut” Hipppcrates, The Father of Modern Medicine.

Leaky Gut is getting more and more attention by the media lately due to its broad range of symptoms and causes. Leaky Gut is a term used to explain a condition in the intestines where large particles are passing through the “junctions” and being absorbed into the bloodstream. Our bodies are designed to have tight “junctions” in our intestines so only small particles can freely flow through and enter into our bloodstream. Large particles of food can overwhelm our system. Ever hear of too much of a good thing? This is a prime example. Our bodies may be able to break down proteins such as gluten and casein in small doses, but when we develop Leaky Gut too much of these proteins escape the gut and enter our bloodstream and eventually lead to food sensitivities and overall malfunction in our bodies such as allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and so many more.

So, how do you know if you have Leaky gut? Good question! Many people suffer from this condition and don’t even know it! People who are most commonly affected by Leaky Gut include people who suffer from food allergies, Inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and/or irritable bowel syndrome), Autoimmume disease, Thyroid issues, Malabsorbtion of nutrients, Inflammatory Skin Disease and Mood disorders.

What causes Leaky Gut? Another great question! The most common causes of L eaky Gut is any one or a combination of the following:

  1. Poordiet
  2. ChronicStress
  3. ToxinOverload
  4. BacteriaImbalance

Essentially Leaky Gut is essentially having the floodgates in your intestines wide open and all the sugars, gluten, casein and processed foods that we consume have free range throughout our bodies.

There are no standardized tests for Leaky Gut! There is no magic pill or over the counter fix for Leaky Gut! As a matter of fact, Leaky Gut is not acknowledged by the majority of the medical community. It is up to you to help you!

Good news! It is fixable. It takes a lot of work, and lifestyle change but it is definitely fixable.

So, how do I cure my Leaky Gut? I am so glad you asked. Lifestyle changes including diet, stress management, physical activity and rest are at the very top of this particular priority list.

*Probiotics! A tiny little pill full of good bacteria strains could make all the difference in the world! Balancing the gut flora (bacteria) is very important! When the bad bacteria takes over our health goes downhill….FAST! Take back your gut and feed it a good probiotic every day!

*Foods like bone broth, organic protein (hemp, chicken, wild bison,wild caught salmon etc..), Green leafy vegetables, non acidic fruits and lots of water are the best way to get a jump on curing Leaky Gut.

*Stress management is tough but stress is a silent killer. Stress causes malfunction all over the body, including the digestive tract. Take time every day to do something you enjoy.

*Get outside and go for a walk! Sedentary lifestyle causes a sedentary intestines. Keep things moving! Your body and your bowels!

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