Hey guys! This weekend marks yet another daylight savings time, and we are all so ecstatic because we get that big 60 extra minutes to catch up on the hundreds of hours we have lost over the last year. Makes sense right? Sleep is so imperative to every single thing we do day to do; however, it’s always the one things that gets skimped. If something has to give, it’s always the hours logged on your pillow. Therefore, if you don’t already have a high priority on sleep, then I’m not going to spend endless reading time trying to convince you otherwise. Nevertheless, I want to help you reach a higher level of sleep by utilizing this formula that highly productive people follow. It may not ensure you get more sleep, but your sleep quality will enhance dramatically!

I call it the 10-3-2-1-0 Formula for Improved Quality Sleep.

10: Eliminate caffeine 10 hours prior to bedtime
3: Eliminate alcohol 3 hours prior to bedtime
2: No more work within 2 hours of bedtime
1: SHUT OFF YOUR PHONES! No more screen time, TV, computers, phones within 1 hours of bed
0: The number of times you will hit the snooze button in the morning

Why does this work? These are general good ideas everyone under the sun has heard at some point in their lives; however, the fact that it is a formula means that it can easily be put in to action! You can eliminate the “wishy-washiness” by real decisive structure. “No. I don’t drink alcohol within three hours of bed, and I am infact not going to have this additional glass of wine because it is 8:05 pm and I need to sleep at 11 pm”

Why Caffeine? 10 hours is generally the amount of time required for your body to clear it from the bloodstream and eliminate its stimulatory effects. This depends on the person though as some people are faster caffeine metabolizers than others. Use your best judgement and change the formula accordingly. Only you, yourself, know if you are still wired from that coffee you drank at 3 pm.

Why Alcohol ? Alcohol does allow people to fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply for awhile, but it reduces REM sleep – the part most important to feeling rested.

Why Work? It takes a couple hours for your brain to stop running in circles on work issues. If you jump right into bed you will still be thinking about the problems of the day. Instead, stop work at least 2 hours before bed and do a quick brain dump – create a list of outstanding stuff so you aren’t running through a to-do list all night.

Why Screen Time? The blue light from the devices most people use affect your body’s production of sleep inducing melatonin and shift your body’s natural clock, known as its circadian rhythm. Spend that time reading real books, hanging out with your family, or just thinking/meditating. I also recommend a meatonin supplement that we sell at Optimal Chiropractic to help you reach sleep faster and more deeply!

Remember it’s your one and only life, and the day is wasting as you lay in bed. Also, Don’t forget your adjustments! They have been researched to normalize hormonal and neurotransmitter levels that may be throwing your entire sleep cycle off!! Stop in to Optimal Chiropractic today and ask us about how we can help you start feeling and living better. (219) 661-8680 Visit us at www.crownpointchiro.com

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