Antibacterial, antiviral, antibiotic everything seems to be the trend in every public place we tend to go as human beings. At the same time, we hear over and over how there are “good bacteria versus bad bacteria”, but what does this even mean? How can the same that hurts us, as be a necessary component of being? Well first of all, where does 80% of our immune system lie? IN THE GUT!

Research continually supports the impact of gut bacteria in controlling the immune system. The immune system is extremely important for sustained health. Did you know that they are more antibody cells produced in the intestines than any other area of the body? If antibodies are malfunctioning, then the rest of your body is going to fight itself and produce disease states that consequently become autoimmune diseases such as MS, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, celiac disease, psoriasis, or Grave’s disease just to name a few. Women should be extremely observant of their gut function for the simple fact that 75% of autoimmune diseases in the world are acquired by females.

Probiotic organisms help to signal protective mechanisms that the body should be doing when it comes to your immune system. It is not only important to take a probiotic, but you must take a good one! I hear so many people say “well…. I ate some yogurt this morning with probiotics.” I also respond, “okay, that’s great! But how many active/alive cultures were in your 8 ounces of yogurt? And were the different cultures or the same? Also, how much sugar did your little cup of yogurt contain? You know sugar suppresses the immune system, right? So did you turn on your immune system, or did you actually signal it to turn off by adding a whooping 15-30 grams sugar?” I usually get blank stares from this reply, because people never think that these things matter. If you don’t think they matter, believe me, your immune system and gut will know the difference and know they matter! So are you building health, or are you building disease? I pride myself on offering the highest quality pro and prebiotics in my chiropractic office at Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana for the simple reason that your body deserves the best! A prebiotic is just as important as a probiotic, because something has to feed and nourish the probiotic. Probiotics are real organisms that are alive; therefore, how are they going to live without the right fuel as well.

Probiotics have been documented to:

  1. Boost populations of immune cells that seek out and destroy cancers
  2. Upregulate inflammatory cytokines during an acute stage of cancer or other threats
  3. Suppress the inflammatory response that could cause tissue or organ damage
  4. Suppress bacteria that convert harmless pro-carcinogen molecules into carcinogens
  5. Bind to potential carcinogens, promoting their excretion
  6. Stimulate the expression of liver enzymes that detoxify carcinogens

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