You have been putting it off long enough. Continually swearing to yourself that you will fit in that “itty bitty tiny bikini” and your diet will start tomorrow. You probably looked at your calendar, overwhelmed with the over abundance of weddings, receptions, graduation parties, class & family reunions, and summer festivals, and tons of other activities that are going to require you to set out in the sun wearing tank tops, cute dresses, and bathing suits. You promised yourself you would look your absolutely best for these things; and 3 months later you look in the mirror thinking your failed yourself. If you haven’t started slimming up for the most exciting and wonderful season of the year, then you are not alone, and it is most definitely not too late! There is an abundance of reasons why summer time is actually the best time of the year to lose weight and finally conquer those weight loss goals.

  1. Sunshine encourages activity. Who wouldn’t want to go out in the bright sunshine and warm weather to do great things like biking, hiking, swimming, yard renovations, walking, beach volleyball, golf, etc.? Americans do! Countless polls show frequent exercise trends multiply during the warm months in the U.S. So take advantage of it! Burn some extra calories and get your vitamin D from the sun while your at it.
  2. The food is fresh! You know what controls caloric intake better than anything? Consuming foods that are high volume (filling you up) without filling you out with calories. This is the case for vegetables, which are extremely affordable and fresh during summer season. Bonus points if you can support your local farmers at the farmers market and get these food raised without pesticides and chemicals. J
  3. Extra heat = Extra water consumption. The best way to shred weight off that stomach and thighs is to simply stay hydrated. You think you are hydrated? You’re probably wrong. Studies show over 95% of Americans are dehydrated, whether they think they are or not. So try to get at least a gallon of water a day to make you feel fuller and decrease habits of overeating.
  4. Summer clothes keep you honest. Are you trying to hide that little bulge at your waistline? That’s going to be a little bit hard in a two piece or tank top. Wearing these more revealing and light weight summer clothes is a great motivator to slim down; because lets face it fleece and long pants are just not going to cut it in 100 degree weather.
  5. Darkness of the winter months got your cranky and down? That’s a very common problem in the U.S. with countless people suffering depression that is countered with binge eating, and consequently weight gain due to season affective disorder. 94% of winter time overeaters say they isolate themselves during the cold season, and 90% say they crave comforting carbs to fight the outside cold. Sounds like winter may not be the best time for that weight loss new year’s resolution after all!

If you have decided to change your health and your life, and finally start that diet you have been putting off; Then let us help you! Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana offers the #1 Weight Loss Program of 2015. Additional we supply you with all the help, guidance, and tools to make this diet be your last diet. Don’t hide from the beach and sun. Call us today at (219) 661-8680 or stop in the office at 11400 Broadway in Crown Point, Indiana to set up your nutritional consultation with our doctor and nutritional coaches.

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