What do you go to the chiropractor for? Back pain? Sciatica? Neck pain? Sports Injury treatment? Migraines? The uses for chiropractic care are endless, and it seems like the applications for treatment continually grow every day. Some days I feel like I have been asked to treat just about everything in my office besides performing surgery. With new healthcare laws coming in to play, the American Medical Association is pushing more and more surgeons and pain management facilities to have their patients to seek alternative treatment such as conservative chiropractic prior to invasive methods and practices. Why is this? Well, probably because extensive research done in over the last 35 years and specifically put together as part of the American Medical Association Annuals in 2013 on over 14,000 back pain sufferers validates chiropractic adjustments as the #1 treatment option for back pain.


The Studies of Neck Pain & Low back Pain


A neck pain study compared 3 types of treatment methods: medication, exercise, and regular chiropractic adjustments in a 12 week study. The conclusion was simple: patients receiving chiropractic adjustments were 2x more likely to be pain free than those treated with typical medications.

Do you know what your spine looks like? If you have been a patient at my office, then you probably do. Did you know that degeneration and adhesion build up in the low back is a major cause of low back pain due to the limitation is places on your mobility? I have seen 30 year olds with the spine of an 80 year old. This is just the reality of the world as we are in a non-stop society that basically functions on never ending physical, mental, biological, and physiological stressors. We have such a hard time finding time to take care of ourselves, and even if your faces doesn’t show it; your spine definitely does! However, you can help yourself. A study does on low back pain patients took pre and post adjustments MRI scans. Following their adjustments, definite changes in the spinal column were seen on the MRI which was referred to as “increased spinal gapping”. This means degenerative processes within the spine were actually breaking up following adjustments to allow joints to move freely and ultimately reduce pain.

So when your chiropractor tells you “keep up on your adjustments” “practice good spinal hygiene”, there is a valid reason for this: Your ability to function your best and age well depends on it.

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