In today’s world there seems to be a rising epidemic of physiological symptoms being diagnosed as sickness and disease.  This is nothing short of the case when it comes to Type II Diabetes.  While the CDC estimates that the number of American adults diagnosed with Type II Diabetes to reach over 30 million; with 79 million said to be “prediabetic”, it outrages me that society is content with these soaring numbers.  At Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, Indiana, I feel that it is my duty to the community to debunk the “disease” and give you a natural and successful way to prevent or eliminate the disease for good.

To start the conversation about eliminating Type II Diabetes, we must first understand what exactly it is.  Type II diabetes is an acquired disease characterized by elevated blood glucose levels due to insulin resistance.  When the human body resists insulin, the pancreas naturally secretes more and more insulin in order to maintain normal glucose levels.  When the disease is progressing, the production will decrease over time to a level that can no longer keep the bodies insulin levels normal.  Treatment for Type II diabetes is extremely costly when going the conventional medical route of medications, surgery for failed kidneys, limbs, or sensory functions such as eye sight.  The bottom line is, Diabetes is bad news-but this does not have to be the case for you.  It outrages me that people go to their primary care doctors, finding out they are deemed “type II diabetic” or “pre-diabetic”; only to be turned to medications that never fix the underlying issue; but merely mask the problem.  Your doctor would much rather throw you a script for medication for the next 20-40 years, than to give you the facts of the disease to actually eliminate it. And why wouldn’t they do that?  Your medication and treatment for diabetes is on average putting an extra $250,000 in their pocket, because you are never healing and getting healthy again.  You will be under the care of a doctor for the rest of your life unless you take initiative to heal yourself and eliminate the disease.

So what is the truth? Type II Diabetes is NOT a death sentence! Optimal Chiropractic at Crown Point, Indiana can be your outlet for a healthier lifestyle.  Has any doctor ever told you that you can get rid of type II diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes?  THEY SHOULD HAVE! You go to the doctor to get healthy, so why are you always sick? At Optimal Chiropractic, I pride myself on helping the Crown Point and surrounding Lake County people reach a state of health, not sickness.  Insulin resistance is merely a symptom.  A symptom that just as any other symptom, you can get rid of, and Optimal Chiropractic will help you do just that!

You may be wondering “How can I do that Dr. Nelson?”  The answer is through your lifestyle!  Nutrition, physical activity, and nervous system maintenance are the keys to reducing and eliminating this acquire symptom of Type II Diabetes for good!

Let’s start with the nervous system (because chiropractic specializes in the nervous system).  People always come in to my office for pain management; however, they never think about how the nervous system actually functions EVERY organ and system in the body.  Therefore, subluxation (pinching or kinks) in the nerves and spinal cord actually have a huge effect on organs, like the pancreas; whether you realize or not!  So do you think your pancreas might be malfunctioning if it has pinching of the nerves that control it?  ABSOLUTELY! Which is exactly the reason you need to come in to Optimal Chiropractic in Crown Point, and at least get check to see how you are functioning.  I not only approach your neurological deficienies, but I analyze your nutritional and physical activity protocols to get you the bet Type II Diabetes management possible.  Nutritionally speaking, diabetes is all about sugar: AKA DEVILISH CARBS! But you cannot just eliminate carbohydrates and hope that your Type II Diabetes disappears.  You need an entire nutritional makeover which not only outlines the importance of choosing the best sources of carbohydrates, but also understanding the importance of proteins and fats to eliminate diabetes symptoms.  At Optimal Chiropractic, I also outline the importance of non-toxic, non-GMO, vegetarian supplementation in order to supplement lacking nutrients in the diet.

Lastly, I feel it is essential to incorporate physical activity in the protocol to eliminate diabetes.  Being a fitness enthusiast, and ex fitness competitor and model, I feel any type of physical activity weekly is a basic key to getting healthy and staying healthy.  This is why I make sure to implement exercise protocols for my patients at Optimal Chiropractic.  I will give you all the tools here to be healthy again, and reach a state of optimal health.  Call Optimal Chiropractic today at 219-661-8680 in our Crown Point, Indiana Office to see how I can help you not be a victim of the diabetes “symptoms”.  I am here to help Crown Point and all of Lake County become the healthiest of all Indiana!