So you were told you have arthritis? Well, that would put you in the category of one of 53 million other people in the United States with the same diagnosis. Of these 53 million people with achy bones; about 2/3 of them are specifically diagnosed with osteoarthritis. While the list of arthritis producing factors is virtually endless; the main reasons for this in our society today is obesity, low activity levels, poor diet, stress and stress inducing lifestyles, and toxicity within our bodies. While obviously losing weight, exercising more, and just taking care of yourself could subside a lot of arthritis symptoms; oddly weather plays strange factor in many osteoarthritis symptoms as well.

I can’t count how many times a patient says to me “My back flared up this weekend because the change of weather.” Or “My hip is really aching today. I know it’s going to rain, you just wait!” And of course I wait, just to be drenched in rain at the end of the day leaving the office. So what’s the deal? It’s all about barometric pressure and it’s influence on joint pain. A dropped barometric pressure is the first indicator of bad weather to come. Therefore, there will be less pressure pushing against the body, allowing tissue around the inflamed and arthritic joints to expand and inflame even more. What does this meant to patients? More pain, soreness, and stiffness in the already inflamed body.

A more recent article, also published in Pain Journal, took the research a step further by specifically looking at osteoarthritis of the hip in relation to weather conditions. A total of 188 patients filled out questionnaires assessing function and pain every three months for the two year study. These questionnaires were then matched to local weather patterns, finding that pain scores worsened 1 point for every 10% increase in humidity, while function scores diminished substantially for every 3/10 decrease in barometric pressure!

What does this mean for patients with osteoarthritis and the chiropractors that take care of them? You may need to increase your visits around times that you know are worse climate conditions, such as cold and rainy season. Your chiropractor can reduce the pain in your joints and your bones with adjustments and increasing your Range of motion while decreasing your overall body inflammation. Regular adjustments and consistent nutritional protocol can help keep inflammation so controlled in the body that these climate issues will reduce and possibly diminish. Ask Dr. Ashley Nelson or staff at Optimal Chiropractic how our nutritional protocols for arthritis and rehabilitation can really help aid in reduced stiffness and pain when it comes to arthritis. We want to help you live to your Optimal Health Potential! Schedule and appointment today at 219-661-8680, and don’t forget to check out our new patient specials at

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