How many times have you been told “Stand up straight!”? Are you slouching? Is one of your shoulders higher than the other? Is your head tilted strangely to one side? Have you ever looked in the mirror and just didn’t feel like things were proportional side to side? When was the last time someone either corrected or commented on your posture? Is it really that bad?

It could be! Surprisingly, many health issues stem from slouching! Posture truly does affect every physiological function from breathing to hormone regulation and production. Poor posture can result in headaches, back pain, infections, depression, bowel and bladder issues, and circulatory regulation.

It’s all about our lifestyle. That humpback and crooked neck is nothing but a direct relationship to slouching in the chair at work all day, staring into your ipads, computer screen, cell phone, or tv. Do you have digestion issues? Obtaining a humpback posture puts tons of pressure on the neck, ribs, respiratory, and digestive organs; causing constriction of the nerves, muscles, and organs.

Swayback has an opposite effect, putting more pressure on the heart and cardiovascular organs due to the inward nature of the curve in these types of spines. Tingling, numbness, severe muscle spasms, and bowel issues are all associated with this type of posture.

Flatspine syndrome causes thigh and groin pain, due to the extra pressure placed on the low back from the reduced natural curve. There are tons of muscular exercises and stretches, as well as spinal adjustments to help with this issue.

Have you experienced recent whiplash from an incident? You probably have military neck! This simply means your neck stands straight up or backwards instead of holding a normal level position. This type of posture may be extremely difficult to do day to day activity with due to pain and decreased range of motion throughout the neck and the entire spine.

Optimal Chiropractic can help you with your posture problems! Our staff at our Crown Point, Indiana location will evaluate, analyze, and produce a comprehensive posture protocol to help with your posture malfunctions. It is important to keep a balanced posture with weight on the balls of the feet, shoulder length apart, and even pressure side to side. The stomach should be tucked under with shoulders pull backward. Many people slouch their heads forward substantially when standing or sitting which has the ability to add up to 40 pounds of pressure to your muscles, tendons, and structures of the spine.

Chronic poor posture could be the culprit behind many health issues; however, chiropractic care can help substantially with these issues. Call Optimal Chiropractic at 219-661-8680 at our Crown Point, Indiana location to speak with us about how chiropractic can help you!

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